[Mageia-discuss] home network using broadband router(Tony Blackwell)

Tony Blackwell tablackwell at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 7 20:20:48 CET 2012

Another brief contribution, a bit apart from the current sequence.  (I 
am not a network expert, which may well show in what follows!)

I have 2 ethernet ports in each PC, use the router DHCP-assigned 
192.168.x.x addresses for one network of ports which can see the router, 
and a separate-wired network on the other set of ethernet ports using a 
different numbering scheme which I assign manually, i.e. hard-coded, to 
see each other.  Also have the printer on this second network.  Keeps it 
isolated from the net, lets me have full security on the ports with net 
connection and relaxed security on the internal network.  The hard-coded 
addresses on my internal network are all in /etc/hosts.

One curious thing I found with pretty much every mandriva and mageia 
distribution is that regardless of what I say during initial 
installation, I need to fix up etc/hosts which usually has a double 
entry for "localdomain.localhost localhost" and another line 
of " mypc.mynet.au mypc" rather than the hardcoded address I 
assigned that 2nd port at installation.  Fixing this to the real address 
I wanted that second port to have, and re-starting, fixes any 
communication problems between each of my PC's

Best of luck,

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