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> @ e-letter - I read your original post and you indicated that you were
> having trouble setting up nfs using Mandriva/Mageia,  but that you were
> able to connect to the internet. Correct? Well if you're using dhcp to
> assign IP addresses, of course it's hard to set up nfs. For persistent
> connections an nfsv4 client uses an entry in fstab to mount a remote
> file system at boot. This requires a fixed server name or fixed server
> IP address, neither of which is provided by a default router dhcp setup.
> There may be ways to work around this, but why bother? Why not just
> assign fixed IPs and be done with it? It only takes a few minutes and
> your nfs connections will always survive reboots.

Correct, internet connection is always achieved. DHCP is used because
the ISP does not provide fixed IP address; dynamic IP address is
acceptable for my basic internet access needs. I do not think I am
able to assign fixed IP addresses.

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