[Mageia-discuss] home network using broadband router

imnotpc imnotpc at Rock3d.net
Fri Mar 9 04:33:33 CET 2012

On 03/08/2012 09:43 PM, WALKER RICHARD wrote:
> I found a problem with the NFS server in Mageia 1 which doesn't seem
> to exist on Mandriva 2010.0 (haven't checked 2010.2 yet - later -
> bedtime now).
> Although everything worked the first time, when the server was first
> set up, it has consistently failed to work since then. The personal
> firewall doesn't make any difference so it can be on or off. It seems
> to be a problem with the way rpc.mountd works. The Mandriva versions
> of nfs server may not use this method to handle remote mount requests
> - like I said, I'll check.

Are you also using dhcp? dhcp and nfsv4 are not a good combination and 
will often cause problems on reboot. Also there was an nfs mount at boot 
bug I filed in Fedora that had to do with the change in the boot 
routines, but I haven't had that issue with Mageia.

> I can dodge the problem by commenting out the
> RPCMOUNTD_OPTIONS="--port 4003" line in the /etc/sysconfig/nfs-server
> configuration file.

Curious. That seems more likely to be a firewall issue, but I would 
expect that whatever default port it used instead of 4003 would be 
blocked also and you said the firewall status didn't make a difference. 
I don't have any current problems with nfs but I also have a highly 
customized way of setting up my network/boxes so you can't really go by me.

Best wishes, Jeff

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