[Mageia-discuss] Dropbox GUI not working in Mageia (solution)

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Sat Mar 10 12:45:01 CET 2012

Am 09.03.2012 13:19, schrieb Anssi Hannula:
> Hi all!
> Short version: rm ~/.dropbox-dist/libz.so.1
FWIW, has been reported together with that solution in the forums:
> Long version:
> A year or two back the Dropbox GUI (i.e. the traybar icon and the
> settings disalog) stopped working in Mandriva, and the situation has
> persisted on Mageia as well.
> I have recently investigated the issue with the help of Dropbox Support,
> and the root cause of the issue is that Dropbox bundles an old libz.so.1
> which gets used instead of our libz.so.1. The problem doesn't affect
> most other distributions because we are using the "--enable-libxml2"
> build option of fontconfig, which makes it build against libxml2 instead
> of libexpat, and our libxml2 requires zlib, while dropbox ships
> zlib
> The Dropbox developers are now aware of the issue and will fix it in a
> future version. In the meantime, you can just remove the libz.so.1 file
> from your ~/.dropbox-dist directory, and the GUI will start to work.
> Note that it may reappear (Dropbox does automatic upgrades) later, and
> if the issue isn't fixed properly by then, you need to rm it again.

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