[Mageia-discuss] First impressions of Beta2 (fresh installation)

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Fri Mar 16 13:41:21 CET 2012

Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> After reboot:
> - at first reboot system hangs after "Starting cpufre1 (via
> systemctl): [ok]"

I can confirm this.  My system specs and comments below:

Dell Latitude E5510
Intel Core i5
4GB memory
320GB hard drive.

Installed beta 2 (64bit) off of a 4gb memory stick

Installation went well, I didn't try to setup wireless at that time.  
After reboot, I hit the above system hang and followed what Wolfgang did 
to get by it.

After rebooting and logging in, I noted that KDE seems to be a lot more 

I wasn't able to reproduce the Activity Manager issue.

KDE FINALLY detects my ALPS touch pad and disables it while typing, I've 
been manually turning it off and using an external mouse.

Things that don't work:

The wireless card I have is listed as Intel Corporation Centrino 
Advanced-N 6200 (rev 2c) and it seems to be disabled in hardware, unable 
to get the light to activate.  I recall there is a tool that will turn 
it on, I'll have to Google it.

Only partial desktop effects are working.  I tried to re-enable Desktop 
Cube and get the following notice:

KWin Windows Manager, The following Desktop Effects could not be activated:

Desktop Cube
Screen Shot
Startup Feedback

These items are working under Mageia 1.  lspci shows my video adapter as:

VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated 
Graphics Controller (rev 02)

I'll working with Beta 2 more though out the day and report any issues I 
may run into



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