[Mageia-discuss] Libreoffice

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Sat Apr 7 18:21:53 CEST 2012

On Saturday, April 07, 2012 09:15:59 AM TJ wrote:
> On 04/07/2012 07:35 AM, Morgan Leijström wrote:
> > I am using 3.5.1 for "serious use" although no complicated stuff.
> > 
> > It happened that suddenly 3.4.x kept crashing when i copy/pasted in one
> > of my old documents, possibly made with 3.2, and after manually
> > installing 3.5.1 it worked all OK.
> > 
> > So except for possibly having new bugs it also have at least one old bug
> > fixed, and probably more...
> FWIW, I had problems with Mageia 1's Libreoffice 3.4.4 Calc crashing if
> I tried to move a block of cells with the mouse. Might be a related bug,
> I suppose. The solution for my problem was to remove the libreoffice-kde
> integration package. Apparently, there were several instabilities
> related to that package, and its function is more for looks than for
> utility.
> It may have been fixed for LO 3.5.x. I wouldn't know.
> TJ

Could you describe it a little more in details and I will try to test it.
Best regards
Thomas Spuhler

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