[Mageia-discuss] Handbooks - the lot

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:49:09 CEST 2012

2012/4/11 Dimitrios Glentadakis <dglent at gmail.com>:
> On the other hand if someone has a real limit with hard disk space, he can
> use another DE as icewm or lxde.

That's not the issue here. I prefer KDE and my small SSD is perfectly
sufficient for this desktop - if I do not have the option to really
choose what I want. Yes, I could unmark the documentation section in
the package group selection but I want the man pages. Of course I
could unmark all *-handbook packages in the KDE section but the
installer does not obey this, if a kde game is marked for
installation, the handbook will be installed  whatever I did to the
matching handbook package.

> If we don't provide the handbooks (with the applications) we will devalue
> its importance, and personally will be very discouraged to translate them.

Having being in manual writing and translating for at least 9 years I
learned something: each day you will meet people who could have solved
their problems with one look into the documentation but rather waited
for 2 days in the forum for an answer. The easier and user-friendly
the software becomes, the less you will be able to make people read
them. Yes, sometimes you sit there translating a doc and you keep
thinking "WTF am I doing here". You have to live with that for the
sake of those few users who actually read. So, yes, it is discouraging
but it's not a valid argument here.


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