[Mageia-discuss] Testing after resubscription

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sun Apr 22 01:18:22 CEST 2012

Op zondag 22 april 2012 00:16:07 schreef Len Lawrence:
> Just to find out what happens when I post to the list.  None of my
> postings from my gmail address show up but the replies do so it looks
> like the messages do get through.  I had been receiving bounce and hold
> messages from the list moderator saying that I am a non-member although
> everything had run smoothly for a year before that.  I unsubscribed and
> subscribed under my new email address but the situation has not changed;
> never see my own posts and bounce messages still arrive in my old
> mailbox.  Sympa or whatever should no longer even know my old address.
> If anybody sees this could they examine the mail headers and confirm
> that it comes from tarazed25 at gmail.com.
> Nobody needs this kind of mess in the middle of beta testing.
> Cheers
> Len

i've had this problem for ages when i used gmail before.

afaiu, it's like this:

you're using gmail, but with smtp and imap clients (not the web).

now as you all know, when you send an email from gmail webclient, and you send 
a message to an alias or a maillist which then delivers it back to you, you 
don't have doubles in your thread, but you do see your own email right away.

This "feature" which breaks rfc's, results in the fact that when you do use 
imap client, you do not see the deliveries of your own sent email.

the only mail you see is the one you sent in your Sent folder.

as a result, you are constant in the unknown, because emails you send out, and 
should receive, you don't receive them.

this behavior is so with aliasses and mailing lists. there is one exception, 
and that is if you registered your alias in the web client.

the problem is that you can hardly do this with mailing lists... of course.

i've tried several times to tell them to turn off this "feature", but they 
don't seem to want to do that.

my response was not using gmail anymore, i've now set up my own email server 
and domain.

now, my threads are not broken and i get emails from aliases and mailinglists 
even if i do send them myself.



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