[Mageia-discuss] New Wikipedia Mageia testpage launched (was: page of Mageia in wikipedia (in english) has been deleted)

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Tue May 22 15:29:04 CEST 2012

AL13N a écrit :
>> On Tuesday 22 May 2012 12:23, AL13N wrote:
>>> also, package manager isn't RPM, it's "urpmi (RPM)"
>> I have to disagree. RPM is the package manager. The urpm tools are just
>> frontends for RPM.
> i don't agree at all.
> automatic dependency handling is code that comes from urpmi and not RPM
> (RPMv5 for instance does that in itself).
That project name is RPM5 (as opposed to RPM).  It is only used by 
Mandriva, according to rpmfind.net

> if Fedora lists yum as package manager, we should put urpmi there.
> imho, if rpm doesn't do automatic dependency handling, then it's not a
> real package manager (contrary to what it name says), and it seems at
> least fedora agrees with me.
the Wikipedia listing for Fedora lists Update method = Yum (PackageKit), 
and Package manager = RPM Package Manager.
we have Update method = urpmi (rpmdrake) and Package manager = RPM.
Maybe we should drop the "Update method" item,
and put Package manager = urpmi, rpmdrake (RPM) ?


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