[Mageia-discuss] Upgrade from Mageia1 using urpmi: success story ; )

Jeff Robins jeffrobinssae at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:03:31 CEST 2012

I used the mgaapplet-upgrade-helped to upgrade, which, from my
understanding, is fairly close to just using urpmi and here are a
couple more notes:

0) I have a dual monitor setup with a smaller monitor to the right of
a large monitor.
1) I'm not sure if I was using an install of the binary driver from
AMD's site or the fglrx package, but it booted straight to a frozen
2) None of the kernel-mode options would let me boot into a graphical interface
3) xdriver=radeon let me get to a non-responsive system, which would
respond to ssh
4) After using another system to ssh in, enable non-free and install
radeon-firmware.  X still failed to start, but it seemed to be because
of a bad Xorg.conf setting: bad screens
5) I tried different XFdrake options, but they all told me that I
didn't have any valid screens and that I should try to change the
6) Using the proprietary driver allowed X to start.
7) I had to use the Catalyst control center to setup my monitors properly.

1) The language in Firefox was set to English / Hong Kong and not
United States for some reason.  I'm pretty sure it was set to United
States in Mageia 1.

KDE panel:
1) Some of the logins for my computer have screwed up panels: both
task mangers, no task managers and one had only the Application
Launcher Menu
2) I have the new MCC icon in the panel, but the menus have the old icon


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