[Mageia-discuss] Upgrade from mga1 to mga2 from desktop

Alejandro López listas.apl at gmail.com
Thu May 24 14:09:21 CEST 2012

Hi all,

yesterday, as expected, I got on my desktop the notification that a new
release was available. When I launched the upgrade, a window opened with
two checkboxes: one for downloading all the packages before starting to
install them, and one for something else which I don't remember right now.

I checked none, but I guess I should have checked the "download first" one.
Never mind about this.

As it was late, and it was going to be a long task, I went to sleep hoping
to find my system upgraded in the morning. In the morning I found a small
window saying that the installation of 2 packages had failed and buttons to
abort or continue. I clicked on continue and the task went on. That window
blocked the whole installation during most of the night.

Now I'm at work hoping to find my system upgraded at the end of the day,
but I'm afraid that the window waiting for an answer pops up again and
blocks my upgrade.

So I wonder if it would be possible to avoid this situation for the next
mayor release (Mageia 3). I can imagine that the initial window could have
a third checkbox that users could check to tell the applet (or urpmi, I
don't know which handles this) to continue on errors (just as it they had
pressed the Continue button) and show a list of errors at the end; but
other solutions might also work.

Well, this is my proposition. What do you people think about it?

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