[Mageia-discuss] Cannot configure the display for the netbook msi u110 GMA500 (plousbo)

Dimitrios Glentadakis dglent at gmail.com
Sun May 27 16:49:57 CEST 2012

I upgraded to Mageia 2 the netbook which has the graphics cart GMA500 (plousbo)

Card:Intel Poulsbo US15W (GMA500): Intel Corporation|System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) Graphics Controller [DISPLAY_VGA] (rev: 07)

and i cannot have the display set correctly.
After finishing the boot and before the kdm, the display breaks and i see only some colored lines.

I tried to set the vesa as driver (the same as i did with mageia 1) but i have exactly the same results.
I would like some help to make it work !

Thanks in advance

Dimitrios Glentadakis

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