[Mageia-discuss] Formal request to the Board/Council

Anne Nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Wed May 30 16:20:15 CEST 2012

Le 30/05/2012 12:43, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> A. Request to open discussion logs of the board about the Mandriva agreement
> I'm referring to the announcements wrt the collaboration with Mandriva
> SA and the usage of the Mageia distribution as base for server
> products, as announced in the blog entry:
> http://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/05/21/mageia-comes-full-circle/
> 1. I am NOT against any of the points mentioned there, so pls do not
> take this as an unfriendly act or even a lack of trust in the board or
> single members of the board. This it is definitely NOT!
> 2. I respect the need for non-disclosure by the Mandriva SA side while
> these negotiations/discussions were going on. I also respect the fact
> that the internal discussions of the board about the matter were not
> to be held in public at that time.
> Now the announcements were made in public these reasons for
> non-disclosure are not valid any more.
> **Therefore I request the logs of the internal discussions of the
> board about this matter to be opened to the public and this opening
> being announced to the public.**
> I am positively sure that 2 weeks are more than enough to decide on
> this request.
> Reasons:
> 1. Transparency is a top requirement for such a project as Mageia. The
> more this transparency is needed if the matter is of great interest to
> all members of the Mageia community. If the transparency can not be
> provided because of valid reasons (as has been the case here) it
> should be established as soon as these reasons are not valid any more.
> 2. The following questions are not answered by a mere announcement:
>   - was the decision to enter the agreement with Mandriva SA unanimous
> or were there votes against it?
>   - if there were votes against it who were the people voting in favor
> and who votest against it?
>   - what were the arguments of both sides
> These questions can only be answered by opening the internal logs
> concerning this matter.
> Again: this request only concerns the *internal* discussions in the
> Mageia board, not any discussions with external entities (namely
> Croset and/or Mandriva SA).

Here are the details.

After first contacts, the discussion took place on council mailing-list 
(see https://ml.mageia.org/l/arc/council/2012-03/msg00078.html). But 
after Mandriva wish we did go on on closed discussions, as explained wy 
Wobo in his mail. But at that point consensus was already there.

Second step happened after a second meeting with Mandriva. We mailed a 
summary of this meeting on board-private first and get an agreement of 
*all*  board members about the way we wanted to manage Mandriva proposal.

Then on third step, a mail about all this has been sent directly to all 
council members proposing a way to handle all this. Then people went 
directly to pad to work on public announcement. Nobody expressed any 

You can see this pad, it's still available here:

You can also see all private discussions (mails) here:



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