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On 06/22/2012 11:48 PM, AL13N wrote:
> Op vrijdag 22 juni 2012 15:36:15 schreef Gary Montalbine:
> [...]
>> I have an LCD monitor. This old man is strictly a user. I was hoping
>> that someone that was using an HP in Mageia with good results might
>> provide a model number. I am completely lost by all the technical
>> specifications listed for each printer. My needs are simple. I want to
>> be able to use it as a copier and most important, is color printing that
>> matches within reason the colors on my monitor. My current printer is
>> not mageia compatible. Monitor color calibration will not correct it.
>> Help appreciated.
>> Thanks, Gary
> consider this:
> most printer/scanner/copiers, have a copy button that works without any
> computer attached.
> to find out if the printer or computer is not at fault, you can just copy a
> page.
> then as a second test, scan the same page using computer, and look at
> difference, then print it out again.
> with these 3, you can see that there can be alot of difference. even for normal
> users.
> but most likely will the copied page and the scanned and printed out one will
> look the same.
> i'm guessing the monitor is the most likely the one to be wrong in showing the
> color, it's also the most difficult one to get right. I've never been able to do
> it.

There is a background problem here: there is no _good_ color, or there is none
of your devices that is the _right_ one.
At most, you can calibrate your monitor to show the same that will be printed
on your printer, but none guarantees you that it is the _true_ color.

To do that, you have first to be sure that your printer prints ok. For that, you
can just get a professional industry-printed color chart, like Pantone, and
a digital version, and try to print that and compare. Missing Pantone, you
can try with the Macbeth Color Chart:


or just google for it. But to compare you need one you don't have printed

And once your printer is calibrated, start working with your monitor and
your scanner...

Color calibration is not an easy subject. I have not checked Linux nowadays,
but in the past Macs were the best for color calibrated works.

Theoretically, if you set your profiles for your printer and monitor from
a database (if you are lucky and your models are there), you should automagically
see what you print, and even get the same printings on two printers with
different profiles.

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