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On 22/06/12 19:24, AL13N wrote:
> Op donderdag 21 juni 2012 17:02:10 schreef Paul Simon:
>> "Gary Montalbine" <gmontalbine at cox.net> wrote in message
>> news:4FE374BA.50303 at cox.net...
>>> On 06/21/2012 02:51 PM, Paul Simon wrote:
>>>> Getting "good color" depends on what you mean by good color.
>>>> It's subjective.  Most color problems are due issues in color
>>>> management, a not easy subject.  The least of if has to do
>>>> with device calibration and profiling.  I do high quality
>>>> digital ink jet printing and it took me about five years of
>>>> study and $1500 to get it right.  Your time and expense is 
>>>> going to depend on what you consider "good color."  Let me
>>>> know if you want more info.
>>> I consider good color to be a close copy of what I have on my
>>> monitor. From past experience my printer does not work well
>>> with mageia. I would like to replace it with a HP printer that
>>> does work in mageia. Thanks, Gary
>>>> Paul "Gary Montalbine"<gmontalbine at cox.net>  wrote in message
>>>> news:4FE3178F.9030502 at cox.net...
>>>>> I would appreciate a recommendation for an HP
>>>>> printer/scanner that produces good color prints. I
>>>>> currently have a HP Photosmart Plus B209a that does not
>>>>> produce good prints. Thanks, Gary
>> All I can tell you at this point is that if the printer prints
>> well with other applications there is a Magiea printer driver
>> that is misbehaving. Buying a new printer will probably not make
>> any difference.
>> Good luck!
>> Paul
> We should nuance this a bit.
> When comparing monitor with print, it's not only the printer
> driver's responsibility.
> there is: - printer itself (or it's age) - ink availability -
> printer driver - graphic driver - monitor color calibration -
> monitor itself (or it's age)
+ "original inks" - cheaper ones will never give the best colour


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