[Mageia-discuss] Problems with Local Mail

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Tue Jun 26 08:52:48 CEST 2012

Anne Wilson a écrit :
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> On 25/06/12 11:55, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:36:56 +0100 Anne Wilson<annew at kde.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Plain M2 :-)  Every time I started Thunderbird I got a message
>>> that it couldn't locate the local mail spool (can't remember the
>>> exact words). Assuming it meant /var/spool/mail/anne, I touched
>>> that, owned anne:mail (I tried root, too), but now the message is
>>> "Unable to truncate spool file /var/spool/mail/anne".
>>> I don't have the problem on the Cauldron netbook, so I checked
>>> there, and there is no /var/spool/mail/anne - so I guess
>>> something has changed wrt local mail.  Are we now talking about
>>> ~/.local/share/local-mail/ ?  What do I need to do now?
>>> Anne - --
>> /var/spool/mail/anne is the system mailbox for user anne.
>> Thunderbird will be putting your mail somewhere else.  I suspect
>> that it will be a dot-directory under /home/anne, perhaps a
>> subdirectory of your .mozilla directory.
>> I think that TB uses the mbox file format.  That means that your
>> inbox will be one big file.  Perhaps TB is trying to delete the
>> old mails, hence "truncate."
> That makes sense, yes.  I had assumed that it was talking about system
> messages, which I would expect to be in /var/spool/mail/anne.
> I am using IMAP - not Disconnected IMAP - IOW, I don't store mail
> locally (though I did previously), so that shouldn't be the problem.
> All the same, I'll give it some thought.
> Thanks
> Anne
> - -- 
If you are using IMAP, by default it will download a message each time 
you view it, instead of downloading once and leaving it on your 
computer.  (The plus is easier access from different computers.)
I don't know how mozilla (thunderbird or seamonkey) deals with IMAP, but 
if a message is larger than the message size download limit, that could 
be the problem.
With seamonkey the message size limit is set under 
account_preferences/disk_space. (free translation from french)
I imagine that thunderbird uses a similar location

With POP3 (which I use), it downloads the beginning of an oversized 
message and displays "truncated.  If you click on the link displayed, it 
will then downloads the entire message, then deletes the partial message 
that was first downloaded.
Maybe checking ~/.mozilla/thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.*/Mail/{accountname}/inbox
or similar will give you some clues.



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