[Mageia-discuss] Problems with Local Mail

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Tue Jun 26 09:20:12 CEST 2012

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On 26/06/12 07:52, andre999 wrote:
> Anne Wilson a écrit :
>> On 25/06/12 11:55, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
>>> On Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:36:56 +0100 Anne Wilson<annew at kde.org> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1
>>>> Plain M2 :-)  Every time I started Thunderbird I got a
>>>> message that it couldn't locate the local mail spool (can't
>>>> remember the exact words). Assuming it meant
>>>> /var/spool/mail/anne, I touched that, owned anne:mail (I
>>>> tried root, too), but now the message is "Unable to truncate
>>>> spool file /var/spool/mail/anne".
>>>> I don't have the problem on the Cauldron netbook, so I
>>>> checked there, and there is no /var/spool/mail/anne - so I
>>>> guess something has changed wrt local mail.  Are we now
>>>> talking about ~/.local/share/local-mail/ ?  What do I need to
>>>> do now?
>>>> Anne - --
>>> /var/spool/mail/anne is the system mailbox for user anne. 
>>> Thunderbird will be putting your mail somewhere else.  I
>>> suspect that it will be a dot-directory under /home/anne,
>>> perhaps a subdirectory of your .mozilla directory.
>>> I think that TB uses the mbox file format.  That means that
>>> your inbox will be one big file.  Perhaps TB is trying to
>>> delete the old mails, hence "truncate."
>> That makes sense, yes.  I had assumed that it was talking about 
>> system messages, which I would expect to be in 
>> /var/spool/mail/anne.
>> I am using IMAP - not Disconnected IMAP - IOW, I don't store mail
>>  locally (though I did previously), so that shouldn't be the 
>> problem. All the same, I'll give it some thought.
>> Thanks
>> Anne - --
> If you are using IMAP, by default it will download a message each 
> time you view it, instead of downloading once and leaving it on
> your computer.  (The plus is easier access from different
> computers.) I don't know how mozilla (thunderbird or seamonkey)
> deals with IMAP, but if a message is larger than the message size
> download limit, that could be the problem. With seamonkey the
> message size limit is set under account_preferences/disk_space.
> (free translation from french) I imagine that thunderbird uses a
> similar location
> With POP3 (which I use), it downloads the beginning of an oversized
>  message and displays "truncated.  If you click on the link
> displayed, it will then downloads the entire message, then deletes
> the partial message that was first downloaded. Maybe checking 
> ~/.mozilla/thunderbird/xxxxxxxx.*/Mail/{accountname}/inbox or
> similar will give you some clues.
Good suggestion, but the message popup was seen as Thunderbird
started, not during downloading.  Although I think it is "cured" I'd
really like to know what was happening.  Still....

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