[Mageia-i18n] Setting up i18n team

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 3 17:52:42 CET 2010

Thx for your points, comments inside

2010/12/3 Diego Bello <dbello at gmail.com>:
>  We are currently using our own mailing list and we deployed a modified
> version of SimplePO to work on string translations in a concurrent way
> (mdktrans.blogdrake.net).

I don't think there is anything against continuing this way if you want to.

> I'll make a call in this mailing list for people who are not yet part of
> MdkTrans team and I will also look for the second contact in our group. I'll
> try to make it to the IRC meeting but, as I live in Chile, it will happen
> during my work time so I might not be there continuously. Anyway, I'll try
> to find someone to represent us.

As I already wrote, I will change to 2 meetings the same day, same
topics, 12 hours apart, so it may be easier to participate.

Please tell, if Thursday, December 9, 09:00 GMT +1 (pls have mery with
me!) and 20:00 GMT +1 would be suitable.

> Some topics I would like to be discussed in the meeting:
> - How does Transifex works? how many users is it supposed to support?. Will
> it be used only by the leaders of each team or will every translator be able
> to work directly on the strings?

I already mentioned Transifex:

" - collaboration tools for i18n
 - - Transifex is already set on the server. It may be good if
somebody who knows it could give a bit of insight during the meeting"

It is planned as collaboration tool for all language groups
internally. It is meant as a recommendation, not a requirement. I was
hoping that somebody could say more about it in the meeting.

> - Any intersecting work with what Mandriva is doing now?. We already got the
> interface 100% translated into Spanish for the 2010.1 release, and it would
> be awesome if that work could be reused here.

Yes, it will be reused. How much of it depends on which packages will
be imported from Mandriva.

> - As someone already said, we need a way for users to report translations
> bugs in an easy way, this is, not bugzilla. Maybe some intermediate layer
> from where we can process and filter those reports to a bugzilla like
> format.

I guess the other points (setup, etc.) will be already time consuming
enough. If not, we'll discuss it, else we put it on the list for
second meeting, ok?


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