[Mageia-i18n] Setting up i18n team

Diego Bello dbello at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 16:59:43 CET 2010


I'm currently leading the Spanish translation team working with the MdkTrans
team, from Blogdrake community.

We started working with Mandriva's translations and now we are supporting
Mageia also.

 We are currently using our own mailing list and we deployed a modified
version of SimplePO to work on string translations in a concurrent way (

I'll make a call in this mailing list for people who are not yet part of
MdkTrans team and I will also look for the second contact in our group. I'll
try to make it to the IRC meeting but, as I live in Chile, it will happen
during my work time so I might not be there continuously. Anyway, I'll try
to find someone to represent us.

Some topics I would like to be discussed in the meeting:
- How does Transifex works? how many users is it supposed to support?. Will
it be used only by the leaders of each team or will every translator be able
to work directly on the strings?
- Any intersecting work with what Mandriva is doing now?. We already got the
interface 100% translated into Spanish for the 2010.1 release, and it would
be awesome if that work could be reused here.
- As someone already said, we need a way for users to report translations
bugs in an easy way, this is, not bugzilla. Maybe some intermediate layer
from where we can process and filter those reports to a bugzilla like


Diego Bello Carreño
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