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Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Fri Dec 3 18:15:25 CET 2010

2010/12/1 Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com>

> Hi all,
> As announced in the latest blog entry (http://blog.mageia.org/?p=271 )
> the founders asked me to start building the i18n and documentation
> team organisation. As the documentation section is still under
> construction I will postpone the building of this team until open
> questions are answered (as a preview, Calenco (http://www.calenco.com)
> will possibly be chosen as collaboration tool for that).
> So let's start right away with the procedure (please read to the end
> to get all infos):
> First I want to make a distinction between the translation of
> application menues/strings translation and floating text translation
> of documents. As everybody knows there are important differences in
> the workflow, the tools, etc. between these 2 sections of i18n,
> although there are many translators working in both areas. I want to
> focus on the application translation first because text translation
> depends on the documentation team's work, which is not yet ready to
> go.
> One point we could discuss is avoiding same path in case of documentation
as in Mandriva which rather intimidated translators and IMHO was somehow
cumbersome (I never could master neither Borges nor it's successor). Maybe
we could adapt e.g. KDE's way: make documentation available in same format
as UI, i.e. in PO-files, and use some scripts translating PO to XML and vice

I suggest the following steps:
>  - Announce team bulding on the i18n list (this mail here)
>  - Let language teams organize themselves internally, name contacts/team
> leaders
>  - First meeting on IRC
> The simple task of this team building process is to organize all the
> different language groups, find a way for general discussions,
> participate in regular meetings, choose the representatives which will
> report to the community council and/or be the contact for the council.
> This will be achieved in several steps:
>  - setting an organisational structure for each language. This will be
> done inside each group. The task of the internal groups is to
> implement short communication ways inside each language group to
> coordinate work for the language in question. This way local
> discussions will not clutter the i18n mailing list. Another task may
> be to "hire" more people interested in this line of work. There are
> many translators out there who would help translating documents but
> not so many who woould do the "string work". We should find ways to
> improve this situation :)
>  - - Each language group can set up their own mailing list or wiki
> page (example: French and German) for internal communication. If there
> is a necessity to set up a mailing list on the Mageia server pls tell
> me.
>  - - Each language group selects 2 "contacts" which may be also the
> team leaders but not necessary. These contacts will meet regularly on
> IRC - please only one (1) person per language - with the contacts of
> other language groups to discuss and report from and to their language
> group
> I can announce Estonian team hereby but I rather sucpect it'll be
one-man-team, as it was many years in Mandriva. Though mailing list may be
good idea, if using it as possible contact for users where they can report
translation errors or make some suggestions on even suggest themselves as
translators or some other kind contributors.

> 2. First meeting
> First meeting should be next week. As time/date I suggest Thursday,
> December 9, 2010, at 18:00 Paris time (GMT +1).

I'll try to be available...

> --
> wobo

Marek Laane
so far Mandriva-s and an eager future Mageia's translator
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