[Mageia-i18n] German home made problem

Rémi Verschelde rverschelde at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 21:44:19 CET 2010

2010/12/21 Marianne Lombard <marianne at tuxette.fr>

> We have the same problem in french.
> I have used "vous" for two reasons :
> - it's more formal and the distribution want to look professionnal not
> made by 3 men in a garage
> - the site is not for only one person but many  and "vous" is used for
> plural (like "ihr" in german)
> I hope it will help you to decide when being formal and when being not
> Merry Christmas
> Jehane

I agree with Jehane and as a French user, I'd be more at ease with the
formal pronoun "vous" in both the official website and the wiki (and even in
the blog).
Apart for casual blogging or live chat, I rarely use the informal pronoun
"tu" which in my opinion implies relational proximity or at least implies
that you know your reader.

I'd prefer to use "vous" on the wiki, which doesn't exclude informal writing
in French (we use it on the Mageia blog for example).

It seems that many languages have this distinction between formal and
informal pronouns, but with relative uses. I think that in Spanish for
example "usted" (the formal one) is less used than "vous" in French.

Do we need to decide something for all the teams or is the choice left to
the teams, *i.e.* does it need a global policy?

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