[Mageia-i18n] proposal about localisation method - italian kde system

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Tue Dec 28 21:43:16 CET 2010

> 2010/12/24 Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at googlemail.com>:
> > Marcello Anni <marcello.anni at alice.it> schrieb am 2010-12-24
> >> i've never used transifex, i will try to understand about it a
> >> little more... anyway, i think to be available for the next
> >> meeting, we can talk about my proposal there
> > Me neither, but Jehanne (from the French team) and me are going to
> > write a summary of transifex until next meeting.
> It would be nice to discuss it here in the list before the next meeting.
> 2 points:
> 1. Marcello, could you explain a bit more about your system?
>  - How does collaboration (reviews, proofreading before committing, etc.) 

the system works this way: 
- a person who is interested in translating a file must register to the website 
(could be handled with LDAP) and check the related box (if a file has no 
maintainer he becomes immediately the owner)
- a person who is interested in reviewing the file asks for it checking the 
apposite  box
- people that have completed their work send it to some that have SVN rights 
and they commit it.
- it provides also a series of statistics (separeted in different categories): 
* http://kde.gulp.linux.it/stat.php
* http://kde.gulp.linux.it/stat.php?sezione=GUI

>  - How does it work with svn?

i don't know the technical stuff, if you are interested Federico Zenith (if he 
agrees, i've just send to him an e-mail) will explain all these aspects  

> What we need is a system which allows
>  - online and offline work
this system works in offline mode (but what needs there are about online work? i 
think online work is unuseless)

>  - organisation of work within a group
it allows two different steps: 1st translation+ review
>  - reviewing files by others
>  - final review and commit by 2 "team committers"
> 2. Could you organize your team according to the team building process
> (see Mageia i18n wiki and meeting logs)?
i don't have in this period a lot of time to spend in mageia, i'm studying 
hard because i have the last 2 exams in january-February (and i want to pass 
them!!), if you can summarize what has to be done for the italian organisation 
i will try to do it 
>  - in case of questions I can give you more information (I'm occupied
> until Tuesday but free after that)
> Have a nice holiday season
 you too (and to all the i18n-team!)
> -- 
> wobo
>  -


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