[Mageia-i18n] Howto for new i18n team: starting string translation using Tx

Rémi Verschelde remi at verschelde.fr
Fri Dec 9 18:01:43 CET 2011


I just saw that the pt_BR team was translating from scratch on Tx
while most of the string were already translated for Mandriva, and are
therefore in Mageia's SVN repository. So I thought I should explain
once more what are the first steps for new i18n teams on Tx:

1) Go to https://wiki.mageia.org/en/List_of_Mageia_transifex_projects
to have a correspondance between SVN URLs and the projects on Tx.
2) Download the .po file corresponding to your language for each
project (if there are any; if not, these first steps can be ignored).
3) Upload those files under the right projects on Tx. (If your team
already translated some strings from scratch, you will have to compare
the .po file from the SVN and the one from Tx and merge those two, to
get the best translations for each string).
4) Now the percentage for your language's translation should be much
higher (you can see it here for Mageia 2 :
https://transifex.mageia.org/projects/p/mageia_i18n/r/mga2/ ), and you
can start translating the missing strings.

I will try to add a part about this on Mageia's wiki during the
Christmas holidays, I'm a bit busy for the moment.

Rémi / Akien

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