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Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Thu Mar 17 00:52:28 CET 2011

2011/3/17 Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com>

> 2011/3/16 Marek Laane <bald at smail.ee>:
> > Well, I'm not sure what kind of information is required...  [....] but
> sad
> > fact is also that Mandriva is and probably Mageia will be not very widely
> > used, so there is no big community and even fewer activists.
> Would you believe that these 2 points are related? If there were more
> information about Mageia, about its activities and progress, then may
> be there will be more people interested. How would you find people
> knowing about Mageia if you don't talk about it in their language?
> When you think that this is not necessary, why would a localisation be
> necessary? Both parts are "walking hand in hand" - tell the people
> about it in their language and then present the product in their
> language.
> IMHO this is the essence of communication and marketing (or, if you
> want: spreading).
> --
> wobo
Well, yes, I know the argument. I'm just in no way an evangelist and even
don't want to be. I'm interested only in translation mostly because I like
it: both translation as a process and the fact my working space is in my
language. Proselyting is not for me but there are some people who do want it
- there is already even the web site http://mageia.planet.ee (for now just
redirect to http://www.mageia.org/et/) maintainer of which has some plans
for content special for Estonians (some visual installation guide, maybe
some packages or scripts for further localisation (e.g. for Estonian
electronic ID)) - essentially probably something like he did for Mandriva (
http://mandriva.planet.ee/). Though, I might ask once more is there somebody
who'd be interested in translating Mageia blog...

Marek Laane
Estonian translator
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