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Filip Komar filip.komar at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 10:57:52 CEST 2012

On 2 August 2012 15:52, Rémi Verschelde <remi at verschelde.fr> wrote:

> BTW, I have a request. Could you add the complete links to the .lang
> files for these two strings from en/community: ";Subversion" and
> ";Git</a> code repositories"?
> In fact I can't translate these strings in French, because I would
> have to translate "Subversion, Git code repositories" with "Dépôts de
> code Subversion et Git", and I can't do so because of the implicit
> links. I need to be able to move the order of the words/links in the
> phrase, and I suppose it's the case for many languages.
> Though it might not be easy to change this without broken all the
> translations, so maybe that is a priority. For now I translated it
> with "Subversion, Git" and it's still pretty straight-forward.

Hi Rémi and others. After some thinking of this particular case I decided
to leave it as it is. Changing this now would brake 16 languages so it's
not worth the effort. Also developers knows Subversion and Git anyway and
average user doesn't even know the word repository. Those that do know it
probably also know what Subversion is anyway.
What do others think of that particular case?

On the other hand I checked briefly also source for web pages for those
lang files for such incomplete strings:
community, contribute, donate, map, timeline, code-of-conduct and values

Some files are still waiting for checking such strings:
2, about, index, support

Volunteers and comments welcome ;)

Of course in the future all converted files should take this issue (fully
translatable strings) into account. If anyone will do a conversion she or
he should be also careful to use relative links (../donate instead of
/en/donate) which are more language friendly in English lang file.

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