[Mageia-i18n] i18n team leader elections

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 1 23:04:18 CET 2012

Hi there,

until tonight we waited for applications for the i18n team leader positions.

Nobody applied except Remi (for the deputy position) and me (for the 
team leader position).

So the election process is rather easy.
We don't need any complicated election process using epoll or something 
like that, but can do the election on the mailing list.

So I would ask you to cast your votes here on the ml until next week 
march 8th at 18.30 UTC.

Even though there are no other candidates, I consider it as important 
for you to vote (for one of us, both or against us).

After all, we do need some backing from the team so we can honestly call 
ourselves your representatives in the Mageia council.

So please take the time and do vote.


Remi (aka Akien) and Oliver (aka obgr_seneca), looking forward to 
another successful year for Mageia and the i18n team

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