[Mageia-i18n] What was wrong with Transifex?

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Mon Apr 1 18:41:36 CEST 2013

2013/4/1 Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at ukr.net>

> Hi,
> Just some points below.
> Sun, 31 Mar 2013 23:52:08 +0300 було написано atilla ontas <
> tarakbumba at gmail.com>:
>  Good night everyone. I was long gone previous year. Now back to work and
>> begin to contribute. I have missed the Transifex issue. As i read from
>> mailing list archives, the problem was our transifex installation and as i
>> see from bug reports there are few to maintain mageia transifex. So, we
>> abandoned Tx. But now there is no other web interface for i18n tasks.
>> I' m Turkish coordinator of Transifex, Archlinux AUR translation projects
>> and contributor to others as well. I do not see issues for them those we
>> had with our tx, So, i want to ask; can't we use transifex.net instead of
>> installing and trying to maintain our tx? Is it hard or impossible?
> As a Fedora Ukrainian team coordinator I have to say that there is no
> problems with tx.net instance from the translator side. It is just
> problematic for developers. They constantly forget to do tx pull/tx push in
> Fedora which leads to untranslated apps. Moreover, to be able to run such
> commands it is necessary to have the last versions of tx packages in
> Mageia. So we need a maintainer.
> To sum up:
> 1. Transifex cannot commit directly into SVN and Pootle can.
> 2. We have Friedel Wolff to help us with Pootle and no maintainer for tx
> packages now.
> 3. Developers have not said anything about if they can or want to add "tx
> pull" into Makefiles. So we first need to hear from them and the Board to
> switch to tx.net.
>  I know, Pootle is an alternative but if we try to install it under
>> mageia.org domain and try to maintain it i think it would be hard. I
>> mean,
>> few people to maintain and lack of time may be problem. What do you think?
>> Or i missed too much about this particular issue?
> So it is just a question on what packages will be maintained, Pootle or
> Transifex. So it is again a question of maintainership.
>  Also, did Launchpad be considered for this?
> 1. Launchpad needs the whole project directly synced/hosted into Bazaar in
> LP itself.
> 2. Launchpad needs the POTs to be build during general make cycle (now
> they are updated/build by specialized Perl scripts).
> 3. Launchpad builds Debian-format packages only and Mageia is a Red
> Hat-type distribution (RPM).
> 4. Launchpad does not allow direct downloading/uploading translation. You
> have to wait for several hours just to download/upload a translated file.
> 4. Launchpad Rosetta module is unmaintained (see the constant "Timed out"
> errors that appears everywhere).
>  I think, at least our Turkish team needs such an interface. I was sole
>> Turkish translator for 4 years with Mandriva and it was a real pain.
>> Without such a web interface most people do not want to use svn, git etc.
> Ok. If we can find a maintainer for Pootle/Transifex/Weblate/what-**so-ever
> packages we can talk about web translation. And if we (as a translation
> team) failed to do so, it is better to leave things as is and do not push
> on the current maintainers. They are already too overloaded.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Best regards,
> Yuri
Thank you very much Yuri, Yours is a good explanation. I hope we can find
maintainers for Pootle or Transifex
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