[Mageia-marketing] Plan - stuff to do pre Beta 1 release

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 04/06/2011 05:25 AM, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> 2011/4/6 Patricia Fraser <trish at thefrasers.org>:
>> Comments inline:
>>>> 1. Announcement for forum, blog and mailing lists has/have to be
>>>> written (who does this?)
>>> Ennael appears to have written the one for Alpha 1. Whether or not
>>> she actually wrote it is beside the point.
>>> I think she's the logical spokesperson for, lack of a better term,
>>> the corporate face of Mageia.
>>> Now, having said that, perhaps it is time to bring up how
>>> grammatically atrocious the English version of that blog
>>> announcement was. It's obvious that even the wind of that release
>>> announcement never came through this committee - which is an
>>> obvious case in point.
>> Yep - and the current one's not a lot better. Lots of opportunities
>> are also being missed to put a communication-type wrapper around it
>> that speaks about what kind of community we are  - must be fixed for
>> Final, if not for Beta2.
> As I already wrote in this thread:
> The current announcement is a simple information to the community of
> testers and all interested people that Beta1 is out, 

The 'current announcement' was a public announcement - As Patricia
pointed out, it wasn't much better than the first announcement. As I
pointed out it not even the odor of a draft of this announcement made it
here to this list.

Finally, it was arbitrarily published, is a hackjob write up, and should
have come through here.

It doesn't matter who the authors "Think" it is intended for - it is
public, and a reflection of the marcom group - even though we were
blindsighted by it.

>> Role account; also advisory to the board on presenting Mageia outside
>> the core community.
> That would be nice and important whenever the time allows to ask for
> this advice, i.e. in situations where announcements and other docs are
> planned some time before they are needed.

I think we've waited six months long enough Wolfgang. I do not concur
with your thoughts regarding situations that take longer than six months.
>> Can we have some server space and a CRM, and who do we ask for that?
>> What I'd like to be able to tell new marcom people is: go to here

> You can have all the space you need in the existing wiki right now.
> Just log in and create it.

Why yes we can have the server space and a CRM :) Not only that, but
until such time as whomever it is that we keep asking about that
apparently doesn't exist gets around to it and finally does this for us,
I'll create a hosted account for the marcom and other teams since we
can't get a straight answer otherwise. The wiki is [still] temporary I
believe, has uses, but not acceptable for what we've already discussed for.

Hopefully, someone will get a clue.

"Who do we ask for????" - "Oh just do this instead". No! That is
cojmpletely unacceptable! If we can't have the answers to the questions,
If the resources we, as a team decided upon, aren't being delivered now
that all of the pieces we've been waiting on have been put in place to
do so, then we just need to not bother asking anymore.

I haven't worked on this project for months and months and waited for
the bootstrapping process to be completed, just so this team can be
obviated or marginalized by whimsical and arbitrary decision making
contrary to how this organization is established.

NO. We'll just do it ourselves and when this invisible and anonymous
person who has the power to set up the tools we've asked for actually
does it, then they can also take a dump of the database we've built and
we can have it hosted at megeia.org when it is mature enough an
infrastructure to host such things.

"USE THE WIKI" Was NOT not appreciated, nor was it an acceptable answer!

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