[Mageia-marketing] Plan - stuff to do pre Beta 1 release

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Wed Apr 6 15:34:52 CEST 2011


> "USE THE WIKI" Was NOT not appreciated, nor was it an acceptable
> answer!

What he said (but softer). (He's been up all night: cut him some

We actually need to put in place right now those things that will be

- a wiki/sandbox area for marcomm writings, including
everything that is an official Mageia communication to the world
- a CRM setup to 
	- collect and collate all marketing/comms contacts
	- track all the contacts made, info sent out, press releases

Now - do we go to Sysadmin for this? Who can we ask for assistance
with design? Who can we ask for assistance with tweaking if it isn't
quite right first up?


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