[Mageia-marketing] community representation / 3 ideas

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:44:18 CEST 2011

Hi there,

in the past months/weeks, a few initiatives were drafted here in Paris
to help people working in the community to be interviewed,
broadcasted, shown (if they want to) to promote/advocate community

So here are they, to be discussed/reworked/rejected if necessary:

 * http://bonjourmageia.fr - goal is to show the regular activity or
people working in the project - it's a daily gallery: one day, one
focus on someone, something with an optional very short story and/or
link for further info - it's almost a meme here in France, and there
are certainly equivalents in other locales/places (see examples:
http://www.bonjourlechat.fr/ - http://www.bonjourponey.fr/ -
http://www.bonjourlechien.com/ and http://www.bonjourmozilla.fr/ that
is of course more suited to what we had in mind. Status: not set,
needs daily photo updates, with at least one month planned in advance,
regular editorial maintainance expected, needs someone and a go.

 * hugs.mageia.org - goal is to promote respect, friendship and fun
within the project - would any conversation turn not so well, this
would be the occasional, more friendly alternative - it's next to
absurd and sensible, that's the fun part of it - it's a very
short/small page, publishing a _random_ "free hugs"-like photo of
actual Mageia contributors - with of course the possibility to grow
the photos set. Status: not set, production mockup ready, very low
maintainance, just needs a go.

 * people profiles - goal is to allow (not force) any user having a
Mageia account, to have a profile page with her
profile/activities/roles/teams/updates within the project. Status: not
set, not thoroughly discussed, would need further development, needs a
discussion/go first.



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