[Mageia-marketing] Mageia marketing plan is on the way, proposals and team reports needed

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Fri Apr 15 17:36:48 CEST 2011

> Hi Marcello!
> > i'm working on a Marketing plan for Mageia in order to define a
> > coherent growth of the project, both in the "hard"  side and in the
> > "soft" side of it.
> Great to see you back! We've missed you!

thanks, you too : ) finally i'm graduated in economics, i'm really happy! : P

> When we develop ideas that will be used officially by Mageia, we need
> to do three steps:
> - find out what's actually needed and wanted, and in what order;
> - brainstorm on the wiki and produce it (often in collaboration with
>   the artwork team;
> - put it up for comment by the council and teams (to make sure we're
>   expressing what they want expressed

perfect, i think we can use this wiki page to define each point and then unify 
the various results:


> Then we can have a final version (which might still evolve over time).
> Some things that jump to mind: see Romain's earlier email for
> some current stuff; we also have preparation to do for the
> announcements for Mageia 1 Final; we should also put together our
> input into the way the website will look, and what text we need to
> provide for that.

i've taken all these e-mails, these days i'm busy because i'm organizing the 
party, from monday on i will read and create some contents, to discuss with 
you (maybe in the final phase we can plan also a chat meeting, even if i'm a 
little unlucky with these : ) 

> These things aren't perhaps so visionary as your suggestions, but we
> do need them very soon! I hope our marketing visions can evolve from
> these, with lots of community input, as we do things in the next few
> weeks.

surely they are really important, but do not forget that a coherent marketing 
plan is really needed because any action assume a vision behind it (e.g. 
messages to be inserted in the installer: which target? which meanings we want 
to communicate?)

> Cheers,


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