[Mageia-marketing] WebWorkersCamp presentation post-summary

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Mon Apr 18 23:52:39 CEST 2011

> Hi there,
> just a quick note for information, in case it can be reused somehow.
> Anne, Damien, Nicolas, Arnaud and me went to WebWorkersCamp in Paris
> past Friday/Saturday, and I did a presentation about Mageia, in this
> context (BarCamp, centered around new/edgy Web technologies).

can you share it with us?
> Most of the audience was made of Web professionals and developers -
> that did not hear about Mageia before (but were aware of the Linux
> ecosystem in general).
> Briefly (because the slides were in French and did not hold all of the
> speech), that was done in three parts:
>  1. what is Mageia? and what happened since past September
>     - project/distribution/association
>     - #1 goal was to give control of the project to the community/governance
>     - history of 7 past months
>     - coming months (final release, brainstorming)
> [CUT]
>  3. (asking the audience) questions? what is missing for you in
> existing OS stacks? what could be done? (Q/A part of the speech
> actually); so questions were (from memory):
>     q. why yet another distribution? what will be success like for
> you? what difference? when?
>         => explained the first need to move the project into different
> hands/governance - and that fragmentation is not a bad thing, or
> something to fear, as long as one differentiate enough from others, to
> explore different paths - paths to actually be defined _after_ Mageia
> 1, during the brainstorming session - so this answer was far from
> convincing, of course.

the answer must be find in the marketing plan, this is one of the reason i want 
to have it as soon as possible:


i'm starting to work on it, these days there will be many improvements (and 
lot of thing to be discussed) 
>     q. how many downloads/users have you already? and compared to Mandriva?
>         => very difficult figure to get in general; however, last
> year, MDV could count about 3M users, all versions included; for
> Mageia, we can't count users yet, our finale is not yet released - but
> we've experienced about 60k downloads for alpha2/beta1 and we expect
> to aim for 1M downloads for Mageia 1 over the year.

can't we discover how many users has mageia using the updates logs? 

> Here you are.
> Cheers,
> Romain
> ___________________________________


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