[Mageia-marketing] 2011/week 17 review

Romain d'Alverny rda at mageia.org
Wed Apr 27 16:32:53 CEST 2011

Hi there,

so... shall we hold an IRC meeting this week (and then when? I will be
offline on coming Fri/Sat) or summarize things here instead? :-)

On my list, I have (feel free to add, comment):
 * relative to my past posts, any further comment about:
   - localized bonjour* idea; with a bonjourmageia.fr experiment first
and more later with better directions;
   - hugs; quick to setup and throw;
   - people profiles; will not happen at once, but it's good to know in advance;
   - blog post series (technical stacks first, contributors second,
others later) - a pace of once a week would be good to keep and we'd
need to start it soon - needs a quick list of questions to prepare, I
can help to start that;
 * I opened this related bug https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=998
 * all distribution/web/communication artwork:
   - final distribution related stuff must be done, closed, shipped
before RC - so directions and reviews with/to artwork team must be
done very soon; who can take on this?
   - web artwork/design for final release should be done as well around RC
   - other stuff?
 * marketing plan:
   - saw there's some progress on it, will post a few comments when
you see it good enough for this Marcello;
   - I'd like to add a quick time table to help with retro planning
here (integrating some of the above);
 * anything else?

We didn't hold a Council meeting this week - should happen next Monday though.


Romain d'Alverny
http://mageia.org/ board & council member

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