[Mageia-marketing] Meeting?

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Fri Jan 21 16:44:35 CET 2011

hi there,
i give you some proposals to discuss in the next meeting (next thursday for me 
it's ok): 
> So, to discuss what? back to the above topics:
>  - marketing/communication teams merge, collaboration _and_ setup
> (having a set of temporary first contact/representative/leaders for
> the team, to animate and manage it)
>  - team(s) roadmap
>  - start discussing web editorial strategy
	- easy translation system of every websites (to be decided together with 
>  - start discussing about alpha release management later this month
>  - think of the roadmap for this year for Mageia;
>  - discuss coming FOSDEM if people want
>  - other topic?
- coming back to marketing strategy:
    * vision creation
    * mission creation
    * slogan creation

- start thinking to every means useful to promote mageia (youtube promotional 
videos, demonstration videos, creation of a well-organized wikipedia page 

- start thinking to a mageia version of mandriva-ideas page (to be renewed and 

- status of web-services (+ldap implementation)->useful to a good brand and 
product promotion

- election of a vice-leader (useful until graham will come back)

- artwork status

- necessary means to be in touch with other teams 
> Cheers!
> Romain


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