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Okay, it was just a couple of ideas I was throwing up in the air, but so
everyone can have an opportunity to see... here ya go :)

<tallship> flood coming...
<tallship> We are a major point of call for the Free Software community
in Mexico, Latin America and the world. Además de ser un lugar de
acercamiento de nuevas personas al mundo fascinante de Linux y el Sw
Libre, también ofrecemos un espacio de participación en la búsqueda de
ideas y proyectos innovadores que consoliden al Software Libre como una
herramienta de vanguardia para empresas, desarrolladores, estudiantes,
profesores y p
<tallship> ersonas involucradas con el uso, difusión y desarrollo de
software.  Besides being a place to approach new people to the
fascinating world of Linux and Free Sw also offer a forum for
participation in the search for innovative ideas and projects that
strengthen the Free Software as a cutting-edge tool for businesses,
developers, students , teachers and people involved with the use,
dissemination and development of software.
<tallship> in terms of numbers of attendees, it may not seem all that
significant, but the speakers list typically looks like a who's who of
FOSS and other ares of the industry with some big players.
<tallship> They expect about 750 attendees, yet the media coverage is
going to be significant.
<tallship> He's got an hour - that's a long time. He's going to need a
translated version of the slide show, and perhaps a demonstration w/a
[hopefully] new look to some of the tools intrinsic to Mandrake/Mandriva
as they are incarnated in Mageia would be a good thing.
<tallship> I think it's perfect timing wrt our Alpha release - it will
have occurred.
<tallship> I think it's an even better date since we will have our
first, maybe second alpha out w/our April 2kx1 release on schedule, and
be able to tout this to the media at the conference.
<tallship> 23, 24, and 25 February 2011 are the dates.
<tallship> I think that what is most important, is that we have
representation in attendance with a speaker (1hr - that's great!). This
convention goes a long way toward how the waters flow in Mexico and
South America.
<tallship> Such adoption is critical in those parts of the world where
specialized regional Linux Distributions have been the predominant
distros for a few years now.
<tallship> A truly global Linux Distro - i.e., Mageia - translates into
easy integration and operability in multi-national companies (and
universities adopting its usage does this too).
<tallship> If we can make a big splash in Latin America, this also
results in assimilation of the technology (meaning, the Mageia Linux
distro) further north in the United States where there are (you fill in
the blank here) xxxx million Spanish speaking citizens, residents, and
students in the potential user base.
<tallship> On another note: as far as slogans, one liners, I've got a
few ideas stemming from the etymology of the word 'Mageia'...
<tallship> "Mageia! It's Like Magic!
<tallship> "The Magic of Mageia"
<tallship> "Wield the Magic in Mageia"
<tallship> "There's Magic in Mageia"
<tallship> "It's all in the magic. Mageia Linux"
<tallship> "Harness the Magic of Linux with Mageia"
<tallship> "Mageia - It's Magic in the Enterprise"
<tallship> "The Magic of Mageia"
<tallship> "Mageia Magic - at home in the Enterprise"
<tallship> "Mageia! It's Magic!"
<tallship> "Unleash the Magic of Mageia"
<tallship> "The Magic of Mageia"
<tallship> "Mageia. It's Magic"
<tallship> you get the idea ;)
* tallship is afk

On 01/21/2011 07:40 AM, Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz wrote:
> Le jeudi 20 janvier 2011 16:20:38, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
>> 2011/1/20 Bradley D. Thornton <Bradley at northtech.us>:
>>> Hash: RIPEMD160
>>> I just posted several taglines in the #mageia-marcom chan. just
>>> brainstorming really, throwing ideas out there surrounding the play on
>>> words stemming from the etymology of our distro's name.
>>> Also, I address what I believe to be real significance in the Enli
>>> conference on 23/24/25 Feb 2kxi
>>> I invite, and indeed encourage, everyone to check the logs there for
>>> what I hope you will agree is very pertinent information regarding the
>>> adoption of our distro in Latin American, and what it will do for Mageia.
>> It is not a good idea to post something you want to use later to an
>> IRC channel (outside of the logged meetings). If nobody has logged the
>> channel by chance your ideas are lost. Such things should be better
>> posted in the mailing list for future refference.
> Yes, can you rewrite them here?
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