[Mageia-marketing] Visibility, Spreading

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 24 12:17:52 CET 2011

One essential part to promote something is "Keep it in the news" -
which means "visibility" of the name.

This is a task which needs the cooperation of several teams and people:

1. All teamleaders and board/council should continuously report about
their work in the blog

2. MarCom can create a regular newsletter, subscription form should be
on the portal page of the Mageia website
 - newsletter editor(s) can gather information from all parts of the
project, including local communities.
 - after compilation the newsletter should be translated by team
members of i18n language teams (at Mandriva we had a web interface for
 - local communities can advertize the newsletter in their language

3. Local communities or members of the i18n language teams can contact
the media (news sites, print magazines) in their languages
 - keep those contacts alive by sending regular "news flashes"
 - compile articles & reviews about Mageia and send them in to the editors

4. Major news & press releases (releases, participation at major
events, etc.) should be compiled, sent to the i18n language teams for
translation and then sent away all together at the same time to
newsletter subscribers, press contacts, news sites, etc.
 - a news flash / announcement which hits the public everywhere at the
same time has more impact than the same news spread over a period of

Whatever we do, all this should sum up to a continuous flow.

 - regular visibility of the name engraves the name in the mind of the readers
 - covering a large part of the world (each area in their own
language) generates an even larger spreading of the contents.

Whatever we do, we should do it together inside a system of cooperation
 - a system of compiling and spreading is much more effective than
single activities (which does not mean that such single activities
should not occur besides the whole system).

As a long time contributor in this field I remember that we had such a
setup at Mandrakesoft (organized and maintained by Gaël Duval & Kadjo
N'Doua, long time ago). It was good and we can do it as well (or


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