[Mageia-marketing] Consolidation of email list and forum mediums

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 25 02:34:11 CET 2011

2011/1/25 Bradley D. Thornton <Bradley at northtech.us>:
> Well to finalize this consolodation we'll either need a commitment from
> *tux99* to continue to provide forum services for our marcom lists or
> we'll need to implement a new forum that is integrated w/the marcom
> email lists.

If we will have such a gateway it will be for all mailing lists, not
just the marcom list.

> Oh, so it's never been integrated w/a forum<==>list gateway?
> That would expalain why I don't see any messages from the list :)

As you can see all other lists are up-to-date, only marketing and
artwork are not. I don't know why, I think you have to ask tux99. I
don't know his activities at the moment.

> That's not what I was referring to. Most forum software, when you
> implement an email list gateway, requires you to register in the forums
> with the same email address (This FudForum implementation is no
> different, as per the instructions there) that you are subscribed to the
> email list(s) with.

This gateway we are talking about is not a Mageia activity, as I said.
The mailing list system is a Mageia activity. The relation between
them was made by tux99, not by Mageia sysadmin group. So I can't say
anything about that.

>> As you can see all these lists are platforms of contributors. The
>> forum will be mostly for userland but as we have seen at Mandriva we
>> need a bridge between these entities.
> I'm not sure I understand what you mean by, "...these lists are
> platforms of contributors."
> I don't see that. From what I see, there is only one Mailman Listserver,
> located at http://mageia.org/mailman/listinfo, and checking the RFC
> headers from mails I'm receiving from various lists I'm subscribed to
> there reveals (certainly appears) that it is a single instance of a
> Mailman listerver installed.
> All the (various) list mailings I'm receiving are coming from the same
> MX severs.

Yes, right. I don't understand how this is related with what I wrote.
I wanted to express that the maling lists are the communication
platforms of the contributors of Mageia, the sysadmin team, the
marketing and communication teams, the artwork team, etc. and the
general -discuss list for all. As it looks by now everybody is ok with
this setup.

Forums will be implemented as well (on forums.mageia.org), it will
possibly turn out that they will mostly be used by users of Mageia to
find support and get together. This is the usual way. So we will need
such a gateway to the mailing lists, so that forum users are able to
follow mailing list discussions and we will not have the same split
between the 2 worlds as at Mandriva.

> wrt both PhpBB and FudForum, I've only had to apply a security patch
> twice for FudForum, and more than 15 patches or upgrades to PhpBB  over
> the span of the last decade or so.

This is a continuous discussion among all the related people: which is
a better system, one that finds many weak points and fixes them
immediately or one that finds few weak points and fixes them
occasionally :)

> But, if the existing one's are going to be a pain to administer, or are
> too hard for n00bs to find, then I would suggest we implement this with
> our existing hosting solutions on the mageia.org domain.

How problematic a forum is to administer is the administrator's task
to find out. They will administer forums.mageia.org.
How easily people will find the forum is the webteam's task. It has to
be found with one click from the place where visitors of Mageia start
- the portal page of the Mageia website. Any place in the wiki would
be not a good idea.

But I am not sure if we are talking about the same issues here.


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