[Mageia-marketing] Mageia 2 technical specifications

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Fri Jul 15 11:17:08 CEST 2011

> Anne wrote: 
> Your proposals were all made after deadline. This deadline was announced 
> everywhere. We just removed all of these, yours but also coming from 
> other guys.
> That's why we have added another wiki page for ideas coming after 
> deadline. But we have to manage priorities and for now only first 
> proposals have been discussed.

unfortunately i was preparing an exam and i couldn't make my proposals 
before... i'm sorry for this, but anyway you could be a bit more "flexible", 
what happens if some ideas are added after deadline? also with mandriva it 
happened often that some non expected features would added in the meanwhile... 
i'm not speaking because these are "my ideas", but because i do think some of 
them are really important and can make a quality jump for mageia... can we 
discuss them somewhere (even if in chat session)? please, let me know


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