[Mageia-marketing] List of arguments pro Mageia

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Fri May 6 17:47:54 CEST 2011

Evidently, I had thought about some items to go into such a list: there 
is a short list at the end of this message - far from exhaustive and a 
very personal view, seen from the kind of user I represent.

My items do not cover the ground, but the list should be kept short: 
there is need to consider arguments to attract canditate users coming 
from windows, maybe also the "hugging" aspect proposed by Romain, but I 
do not feel competetent in that domain. Arguments should fit into some 
kind of a "template".

I like the examples of graphical competence that pop up everywhere in 
Mageia: if such a list is really implemented and is short, how about 
adding a kind of line-drawing sketch to the presentation of each 
argument (style: the bug that appears/appeared during the install 
sequence) - that might help to take away the taste of "oh, 
self-promotion" and make people laugh.

Apropos hugging aspect: I do not think that such a list should primarily 
address emotional aspects, it should address the potential user who - 
and that is at the intellectual level - realizes that there are 
alternatives, and starts scratching his head.


Mageia is promising to be as solid and perfect as Mandriva at the best
of its times (Mandriva heritage)

Language support:
Mageia wants to provide a box that perfectly "speaks" many languages -
its structure and its anchor in the user community have already now
produced excellent results (Mandriva heritage + enhancement)

Multi-profile support:
Mageia offers and maintains application that address the needs of a 
large variety of user communities - with applications ranging from 
game-playing and music-listening to scientific and engineering 
applications (Mandriva heritage)

Leading-edge / stability equilibrium:
<text needed to go in here - delicate, it touches the rolling release 

User <-> maintainer interaction:
<text needed to go in here> (Mageia community concept)

Friendly human side: (quoting Romain)
<text needed to go in here>

Sorry to be so late with my reply - I had not created a filter for 
mageia-marketing and thunderbird had put away all your messages as junk (-

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