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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
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I'm messing about with this list of yours, Juergen, on the marcomm
sandbox - getting something together for the announcement.

Need help, folks - this is a situation where many eyes would be
really handy!


> Evidently, I had thought about some items to go into such a list:
> there is a short list at the end of this message - far from
> exhaustive and a very personal view, seen from the kind of user I
> represent.
> My items do not cover the ground, but the list should be kept
> short: there is need to consider arguments to attract canditate
> users coming from windows, maybe also the "hugging" aspect proposed
> by Romain, but I do not feel competetent in that domain. Arguments
> should fit into some kind of a "template".
> I like the examples of graphical competence that pop up everywhere
> in Mageia: if such a list is really implemented and is short, how
> about adding a kind of line-drawing sketch to the presentation of
> each argument (style: the bug that appears/appeared during the
> install sequence) - that might help to take away the taste of "oh, 
> self-promotion" and make people laugh.
> Apropos hugging aspect: I do not think that such a list should
> primarily address emotional aspects, it should address the
> potential user who - and that is at the intellectual level -
> realizes that there are alternatives, and starts scratching his
> head.
> --------------
> Quality:
> Mageia is promising to be as solid and perfect as Mandriva at the
> best of its times (Mandriva heritage)
> Language support:
> Mageia wants to provide a box that perfectly "speaks" many
> languages - its structure and its anchor in the user community have
> already now produced excellent results (Mandriva heritage +
> enhancement)
> Multi-profile support:
> Mageia offers and maintains application that address the needs of a 
> large variety of user communities - with applications ranging from 
> game-playing and music-listening to scientific and engineering 
> applications (Mandriva heritage)
> Leading-edge / stability equilibrium:
> <text needed to go in here - delicate, it touches the rolling
> release 
> discussion>
> User <-> maintainer interaction:
> <text needed to go in here> (Mageia community concept)
> Friendly human side: (quoting Romain)
> <text needed to go in here>
> Sorry to be so late with my reply - I had not created a filter for 
> mageia-marketing and thunderbird had put away all your messages as
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