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Hi Romain,

Excuse fast top-post please! I'll check through this list along with
other stuff we've talked about, and get started on it all tomorrow

See you Thursday on irc.


> Hi there,
> during the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin, Oliver (obgr) and me took
> the time to briefly discuss what should be done for the RC and final
> release.
> For RC, no big change on the Web site: we only remove the red
> warnings and replace those with a RC-focused message. I leave it to
> anyone here to write this message and submit it for inclusion.
> For finale release... We have 15 days left and of course, this is
> very short a frame for that. But we can do it focusing on the right
> thing.
>  * NEED: a presentation section on the Web site, showcasing the
> product - this section does not exist already, although you will
> find equivalents all around the Web. Just look at some product
> page. Oliver and me thought of a minimalist, focused layout with ~5
> pages:
>   - presentation home, main message being, "this is a Linux system
> for people"
>   - focus page for users (what do they have useful for them in this,
> what benefits)
>   - focus page for developers (same)
>   - focus page for contributors (same)
>   - focus page for businesses (same)
>   - focus page on technical specs, requirements
>  * NEED: redesign the download section to which above section will
> refer. For this, we need the final list of ISOs that will be
> provided, as these influence quite a lot how we will present things.
>  * NEED: redesign slightly the home page for the release day and the
> following days. What will happen anyway on the home page:
>    - project announcement content will be moved to a distinct page,
> under the /about section
>    - on release day, about only a page-wide home screen picture,
> linking to the presentation page will be there + news references
>    - on following days, usual news section + contacts will be
> re-added
>  * NEED: message to spread (blog, forum, news sites, etc.)
> according to audience
>  * NICE TO HAVE: a thank you page, for all contributors to this
> very release
>    - needed: someone to mail all project list and collect name of
> people that accept to be listed there
>    - needed: someone (design) to propose a design to use these names
> (default solution will be to have a special page listing everyone)
>  * NICE TO HAVE: updated global navigation (top nav bar on www, that
> should be spread later to other parts of the website). I know I
> posted something about it months ago, but did not finish my mockups
> about it. This is of course still open.
>  * NICE TO HAVE: redesigned contribution how to page - from
> http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=contribute
>  * finally, for each of the above things, we need someone in charge;
> that means, someone that can take it, deliver a quick prototype,
> implement it and provide for inclusion and translation within the
> coming 15 days (and coordinate with who is needed for that). We
> might post a bug for each of these to assign it to the person in
> charge.
> As for the actual contents (precise info, screenshots), you (the one
> taking this bit in charge) have to get in touch with packagers and
> collaborate with them.
> Additions, comments, advice, takers?
> Cheers,
> Romain
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