[Mageia-marketing] Tasks for Mageia 1 release, marketing/artwork

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Tue May 17 20:42:41 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Here's the promised update to the task list. This list is also going
up on the wiki here:


Please check it, and let us know what you can take on. I've put my
name against some of the things, but since we only have about 2 weeks
to complete this stuff, the more people pitch in, the better.

Numero Uno, absolutely must be done:

 - Build a visual brand for Mageia

This means: nail down a colour palette (even if it's an interim one)
and bring the artwork/design of the install and the distro (all the
mageia-specific parts), the website and any posters/kakemoni/whatever
into line with each other as far as possible. We can certainly
achieve this in 2 weeks if we jump all over it.

The artwork team is on board with a fair bit of this - what we need
now is more eyes, to look at the suggestions and weigh in with
*constructive* criticism - "I don't like it" isn't helpful, any more
than "It doesn't work"; we need to know what to do about it. Is it
the balance of the design that needs changing? To what? Is it the
colours that aren't appealing? What would look better? What does
work? Why?

Remember: we need to be *visible*, we need to be *identifiable* in
the great distro maelstrom, and we need to express who we are as well
as possible. Are we edgy? Comfortable? Out there? welcoming? chintzy?
the community decides, and that's you, so speak up.

Who: I'm running with this one for the present, but please take a look
as we progress.

Next, absolutely must be done, from Romain's list: 

1:  A presentation section on the Web site, showcasing the product.

The suggestion at present is that we have a minimalist, focused
layout with around 5 sub-pages linked from the presentation page:
  - presentation home, main message being, "this is a Linux system
   for people"
  - focus page for users (what do they have useful for them in this,
what benefits)
  - focus page for developers (same)
  - focus page for contributors (same)
  - focus page for businesses (same)
  - focus page on technical specs, requirements

We need to get input from the devs and other contributors on what the
benefits are for them; and we need to get hold of the specs and
requirements for that page.

Who: not assigned yet.

Who: unassigned at the moment. Anyone up to help with this?

2: Redesign the download section (to which the section above will

For this, we need the final list of ISOs that will be provided, as
these influence quite a lot how we will present things. However, we
can do quite a lot of design with placeholders, so that isn't a
requirement to get started.

We need this to be ready early so the i18n teams can do their thing.
Ideally we want the EN text finalised by 25-05-11 - that's 8 days

Who: not assigned yet.

3: Redesign the home page of mageia.org - special look for release
day and a few days afterwards. 

What will happen anyway on the home page:
   - project announcement content will be moved to a distinct page,
under the /about section
   - on release day, about only a page-wide home screen picture,
linking to the presentation page will be there + news references
   - on following days, usual news section + contacts will be re-added

This will be mostly artwork/design, with not a whole lot of text, so
the marcomm part should be quick. Hopefully we'll have something by
way of a design coming out of Task Numero Uno (visual brand - I know
it's a ways up 8-)), in plenty of time for the text to be added.

We need this to be ready early so the i18n teams can do their thing.
Ideally we want the EN text finalised by 26-05-11 - that's 9 days

Who: not assigned yet.

4: The message to spread (blog, forum, news sites, etc.) -
varieties according to audience.

Again we need to have this ready early so the i18n teams can do their
thing. This needs to be ready earlier than any other text, and it's
the most writing; if we could please all jump on this and have
something ready by 23-05, that would be great.

Who: not assigned yet.

5. A thank you page, for all contributors to this very release

(This is very important - our community works hard and makes good
stuff, and by damn a pat on the back is deserved!)
   - needed: someone to mail all project list and collect name of
people that accept to be listed there
   - needed: someone (design) to propose a design to use these names
(default solution will be to have a special page listing everyone)

A Thanks page linked from the presentation page in #1 and from the
Release Day front page will work fine, if we get the design right.

Who: not assigned yet.

 * NICE TO HAVE: updated global navigation (top nav bar on www, that
should be spread later to other parts of the website). I know I posted
something about it months ago, but did not finish my mockups about it.
This is of course still open.

If we have time  - let's take a look at this.

 * NICE TO HAVE: redesigned contribution how to page - from

Again - if we have time.

Any unassigned tasks, I'll work on as they come up, but we need
contributors - now's your chance to have your words and ideas


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