[Mageia-marketing] Installation poster

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Thu May 26 16:30:34 CEST 2011

Hi wobo,

> In case you missed it, macxi has done a very nice poster which shows
> the installation process in a simple graphic way.
> And the best of it all: he did all the text in inkscape, so with the
> svg file it is easy to translate (using the built-in xml-editor),
> maintain, make small changes, etc. Furthermore, exporting as EPS gives
> a scalable image to be printed in any size.
> I suggest to have all such things (posters, cd-labels, etc.) in this
> format for easy handling.

This is brilliant, and I absolutely agree about Inkscape - it's a great
thing, and keeps the images and text separate.

Thanks for letting us know!

Patricia Fraser
on the move
trish at thefrasers.org

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