[Mageia-marketing] Redaction of announcements for the release of Mageia 1

Marianne Lombard marianne at tuxette.fr
Thu May 26 20:43:52 CEST 2011


The release approach and I think usefull to prepare the announcement who 
will be made on our website and on others informations sites.

I just begin the redaction of a news on the french site 
http://linuxfr.org/ (not published yet) and I suppose others people will 
do the same for slashdot or other geek-info-website in their language

A good solution will be to join our effort and redact one version we can 
adapt to our own context (being less or more technical, adding or not 
screenshot, etc)

My skills in redaction are basics so I will need the help of this  team 
(I can manage french translations)

Thanks by advance  for your help


PS : please excuse my poor english

Marianne Lombard (Jehane)
Mageia User - Mageia french translation team
Inside every fat girl, there is a thin girl waiting to get out (and a lot of chocolate) - Terry Pratchett

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