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On 03/30/2012 12:59 AM, Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 04:51, Josh King (dotmil) <josh at linuxpunks.com> wrote:
>> What I do have is some ideas I would like feedback and comments on before we
>> have another mageiapeople.org fiasco.
> Why do you call it a fiasco?
>> 1) a newsletter [...]
>> 2) A Mageia news site. [...]
> To be short; these are good ideas;

> and if you can find the right platform and people to set it up and
> maintain it as a news site, then why not.

Because it may be that either:

1.) There wasn't enough access, or interest in that particular
incarnation of those earlier prototyped concepts, or

2.) We haven't stumbled across the formula with the right zeal and
appeal that we're all looking for.

Yes I think we may want to take a look at those all but abandoned
vehicles, but also think that we shouldn't try to force the mold. These
parts of our infrastructure were launched way back before Before Beta 1
IIRC, and if their relative failure is a result of #2 above, then we may
want to keep looking for something that appeals more to ????

For example, our original forums were based on FudForum, software I
particularly like for some projects, and not for others. They were
basically buried within a free hosting solution, which wasn't
acceptable, but no attempts were made to migrate any of the discussions
to the current forums, and no links were provided when we finally did
settle on the forumware we are using now.

I would like to avoid beginning to move forward with real and exciting
content, forced into a software solution that will simply prove once
more, that it is for whatever reason unsuitable for our purposes. I'm
not saying that what we already have is unsuitable, just that we need to
think, and brainstorm, and sandbox without restriction until we all go,
"Hey that's pretty bitchen! Let's use that".

I don't get the whole "Planet" thing. never did. But really, anything
ewboontoo leaves a bad taste in my mouth anyway, and we're really trying
to set ourselves apart from others anyway.

in an earlier post, (and I think this was you Romain, who pointed it
out), there needs to be some style applied to planet.mageia.org. This is
going to require the coordination of MarCom w/the web development team
along with the artwork team in order to accomplish, and there's really
no point in even pursuing that until Trish is provided with the
credentials so that she can delegate administration of this resource to
members of the team here.

It is pretty bland, and ugly, compared to the news and blog sites of
other distros - even when compared to the minimalist approach used by
debian GNU/Linux.

Let's get these credentials to Trish, stop this nonsense with the
infinite transferring of extension to extension, and get on with it.

In the meantime, if we add content to the forward face of Mageia, let's
make sure we can abandon the software at anytime and fold that content
into software that in the future we may find more conducive to our needs.

It was a fiasco, because there was no response, little direction, and
ambiguous command and control related to the administration of this
so-called *existing* infrastructure. The initiative that Josh and
Sebastian showed in this was, albeit politely, shot down because we
currently have an existing, yet perhaps inferior software service in
place, for some of what we're talking about.

Like Josh indicated, an SQL dump of the MariaDB database and a push from
whatever RCS he used to deploy his POC beta is simple enough to migrate
to a VirtualHost container under Mageia.org's HTTPD farm.

heh. We do incorporate *MariaDB* INSTEAD of *MySQL*, don't we? LOL! Or
are we using EllisonCo software, missing yet another opportunity to set
ourselves apart from other Linux distros? ;)

Kindest regards,

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