[Mageia-marketing] Other ideas

Romain d'Alverny rda at mageia.org
Tue Apr 3 11:10:23 CEST 2012

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 10:17, Bradley D. Thornton <Bradley at northtech.us> wrote:
> in an earlier post, (and I think this was you Romain, who pointed it
> out), there needs to be some style applied to planet.mageia.org. This is
> going to require the coordination of MarCom w/the web development team
> along with the artwork team in order to accomplish,

Yes. And I'm working on the moonmoon codebase to get a quick hold of
it when it needs to be adapted, in case of.

> and there's really
> no point in even pursuing that until Trish is provided with the
> credentials so that she can delegate administration of this resource to
> members of the team here.

Trish has the credentials (I don't, and I'm trying to get these too to
unlock the issue further).

> It was a fiasco, because there was no response, little direction, and
> ambiguous command and control related to the administration of this
> so-called *existing* infrastructure.

 - there was a response; albeit certainly not the one expected;
 - little direction, yes; *
 - ambiguous C&C, yes;

* globally, there little, if any, direction, regarding our Web
resources at large; I'm responsible for that. Historically, I happen
to manage www and most of its content; I welcome contributions, but
indeed, I'd vet them, as a maintainer; Web team is sleeping, if still
alive; that's an issue to me too, because although I have pending
work, so far, it's still a one-man work (such as a coming redesign for
the home page I started to draft) and it needs more directed
discussion, and progress with actual code and production, to go
forward. In short, it sucks for the time being.

> The initiative that Josh and Sebastian showed in this was, albeit politely,
> shot down because we currently have an existing, yet perhaps inferior
> software service in place, for some of what we're talking about.

It's more that they could have had sooner access to it, yes, and that
we need to know how to handle credential delegations (the moonmoon
platform doesn't go for multiple user accounts for now). I'd perfectly
go with the "better apologize than ask for permission" in that area,
but that's something that must be acknowledged by everyone, and
comparimentized, so that some aspects of the official releases (be it
Mageia, or Web services) are not affected.

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