[Mageia-marketing] Installer images

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Wed Apr 4 03:07:33 CEST 2012

On 28/03/12, loqo typed:
> I'm probably not very popular by talking bluntly, so I apologise 
> again. This is how I've learned to get things done and any polite 
> requests for changing my style/approach will be taken on board without 
> conflict.
A late reply: That's fine with me.
> You guys are all awesome and I respect every one of you. I'm proud to 
> be a part of this process!
> I genuinely love Mageia and want to get the best possible results. I 
> wish to see a wide range of users coming to Mageia and loving it as 
> much as I do! I also want to make it friendly and clear for newcomers 
> that aren't experienced with Linux. Why should Ubuntu get them all?
> ;)
Indeed at that.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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