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Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Apr 9 02:49:43 CEST 2012

Hi Romain,

We'd promised to have some text ready for the Council meeting, but I'm
not quite sure what we need to write for the website - do you have
anything more that we can look at?


> Hi there, (please followup the discussion in mageia-marketing, not in
> -artwork or -webteam)
> here's a peak at one possible option for Mageia 2 release Web site
> update (not full at once, but for most important pages, and driving
> other pages into that direction too).
> The rationale behind this update is articulated as such:
>  A) the home page (mageia.org/) is targetted at one-time/first
> time/casual visitors, with a single, main call to action: download
> Mageia. There are others actions, such as: contribute, get older
> version(s), learn more about the product, and the community and the
> project. But there is no other navigation. It's really a poster-like
> page, direct to a main action, with the following main channel for
> visitors:
>  - home => action 1: get the software
>  - download => action 1: select your download
>  - while-downloading => actions: how to use, how to contribute, learn
> more about Mageia, what feedback you could provide
> Pushing this page calls for updating the Downloads index page design
> as well as the post-download page.
>  B) a dedicated, community home page is for people coming back again
> and again (contributors, activ users) with three main incoming
> sources:
>    - start.mageia.org (loaded by Mageia browsers)
>    - a mageia.org/coop or another keyword.
>    - home page lower priority action (see bottom nav links
> "Community")
> Here go: news, calendar, teams, docs, and links to the various
> resources/tools on mageia.org in an organized way.
>  C) for past-home page pages, a new top navigation bar, organizing
> more of the site and making it more accessible from everywhere;
> especially, for easier embedding/deployment/update of it, the navbar
> will be available in different fashion: a dynamic Web service will
> produce the needed HTML/JS for it, and a JS snippet will allow to
> dynamically insert it into all sites (so there's little integration
> work). The top navigation bar exact content is still up to debate, but
> the very top categories should not exceed 5/6 entries at most.
> A, B and C are not strongly attached to each other, however they are
> part of the same proposal. There's a missing download page (and
> animation) from A page, but that's a start to go.
> A (home page) is http://i.imgur.com/7Vqq6.png . It's a bold move for
> us. It's heavily inspired from a Firefox page which is a nice example
> of a product landing page. From a charter point of view, it reuses the
> white/blue gradient from our original logo and site elements. It may
> benefit from a very light, thin pattern in the blue background, or not
> (not sure). Text copy may need tweaks.
> B (community page) is ... still pending, I'm not satisfied with what I
> have so far. We have http://www.mageia.org/contribute/ but I'm not
> sure to change this one right now. Hope to have something to roll out
> for review next week.
> C (global nav) is ... pending too. I will roll it out for testing
> later this week. What it needs is to refine its structure; currently
> planned is:
>  * Mageia (links to a special map page of the site)
>  * About Us: mageia project info/history & mageia.org organization
> info, what is under http://mageia.org/en/about/ already
>  * Downloads:
>    - Mageia 1 and 2 downloads and features pages,
>    - updates downloads info and mirrors
>    - mirrors
>    - specific software (we used to host a specific mgaonline package
> for)
>  * Community:
>    - news (blogs, planets, other?), calendar
>    - introduction to contributing
>    - forums, mailing-lists, IRC
>    - wiki, bugzilla, other doc resources
>    - contributors corners
>  * Support: current http://www.mageia.org/en/support/ page
> redispatched:
>    - users support: community and commercial vendors
>    - (security) updates info
>    - product lifecycle
>    - hardware stuff
>  * Contribute: necessary? as a short link to the contributors guide
>  * About You: not available for now, maybe moved somewhere else, but
> supported by identity and other mageia.org services, would act as a
> portal for every single user, to monitor her own activity/data.
>  * Search (over mageia.org domain)
> This new nav answer three concerns:
>  - /platform: allow an easier, consistent deployment of the top nav
> updates through all mageia.org; using here a javascript snippet;
>  - /layout: embed the Mageia logo in the navigation bar, so that it
> too brands the page to the project;
>  - /content: better structure the mageia.org domain into main
> activities/zones.
> I know that some may worry that some links currently in the top nav
> bar won't be available/visible anymore in all mageia.org as a first
> level item. It's a matter of context and of the very details of the
> implementation and the navigation channels.
> I don't have a B plan about that at this time, but it's not mandatory
> to change all things either. So it either works, or it doesn't.
> Note that (for a future/long term question), separating what is about
> the product (Features, Downloads, Support, News) from what is about
> the project/community (About Us, Community, part of Support,
> Contribute) would help a lot (different life cycles for the sites),
> but it needs to have a separate name for each too.
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