[Mageia-marketing] Post installation ditty's...

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Thu Apr 5 01:49:37 CEST 2012

On 03/04/12, Bradley D. Thornton typed:
> That having been said, we keep asking ourselves about what sets Mageia
> apart from other distros (IOW, why use Mageia instead of CentOS or
> Fedora, considering that Mageia is 'yet another RPM based distro').
> If we all keep asking ourselves this question, and all we get back is
> one little control center app, then that is, operationally, the main
> difference isn't it (Please, flame me on this one, I really want someone
> to take enough offense to this that I hear what makes our distro
> operationally and technologically different enough to compel someone to
> adopt)?
I think that distro's collaboration is a rather good thing indeed such 
as the AppStream project: http://identi.ca/notice/92041870 However 
Mageia could do with something proper in the distro that makes it unique 
from all or many other distro's, something much more than the control 
centre. That is worth having for many users, if it's going to have a 
much bigger user base. I remember some of the founders had this idea 
before in 2010 or something like that for a future release.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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