[Mageia-marketing] The Talks

Sebastian sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Tue May 22 05:30:36 CEST 2012


Last weekend on the Saturday I went to the local event that I had 
mentioned was going to happen on this mailing list before.

I did a talk first with someone about the LUG, which unfortunately 
wasn't recorded by the friend I had got to record the Mageia talk, 
however it seems to have been by someone else, but I don't know who that 
is. I think he also recorded my Magiea Talk, but not sure.

The short LUG talk went ok, and then the Mageia Talk I think after 
seeing a video of it a few times, I think went rather well for a first 
Lightning Talk or any talk like that on my own.

I am going to have some better quality videos sent or something, well 
already had one, and before I had it, I sent another to a few people, 
however I am thinking yes this is going to go online publically for many 
people to be able to see, and the slideshow already is.

Anyway I was thinking to do a blog post about the event and the talks on 
the Mageia blog, however I don't have access to the blog, but I know 
that you do for example Trish.

I didn't get any Mageia 1 CD's sent to me, and so gave out a few pre 
release CD's that I had got my friend to make. Someone in QA suggested 
the pre release to give out.  I also made it clear or tried to make it 
clear, to people who got given them that it was a pre release.

After the Mageia talk about five guys came up to me wanting to know more 
about Mageia, however I didn't give a CD to all of them.  Also one guy 
got rather interested it seems after having a proper chat with him, and 
wanted to make sure he had my contact details right.


Maybe I should have bought the three KDE 4 Mageia 1 CD's from FOSDEM 
that I have left that I wanted to give away really, oh well.

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